Home Smile Analysis

Before your first appointment, take a few minutes to reflect upon how you feel about your smile, its effect on yourself image, and how it influences the quality of your interactions with others. The following questions will help you with this process:

  • Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile and teeth? Are you happy with the size, color, and shape?
  • What would you like to change about your smile?
  • How does your smile make you feel? Confident? Insecure?
  • Have you ever held your hand in front of your mouth to cover your teeth when talking?
  • Do you shy away from smiling fully?
  • Have you ever not laughed because you were uncomfortable with your smile?
  • When photographed, do you smile with your lips closed or with a big smile?
  • Are you embarrassed to see a dentist because of the condition of your teeth?

 Now that you’ve thought about how your smile makes you feel, stand in front of a mirror, smile broadly, and think about these aspects of your smile:

  • Are you missing any teeth?
  • Are your teeth crooked or uneven?
  • Are all your teeth bright white or are they somewhat dark, yellow, or stained?
  • Do any teeth appear too short, large, or small?
  • Do you have any gray, black, or silver fillings in your teeth?
  • Do you have any old crowns or bridges with dark edges that don’t look natural?
  • Are any of the biting edges chipped or worn down?
  • Are there space between any of your teeth?
  • Have your gums receded? Are they puffy or red?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions there’s good news – we can provide you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. If you’re ready to take the next step, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • "Dr. Nasr and the whole team at Creekside Dentistry are wonderful. Most folks are not at all fans of dental offices or procedures, myself included, but when he has the ability to use his 20 years experiences and make a root canal close to painless? I'd say that's a win. Five stars are a must!"
    Austin C
  • "Absolutely outstanding professional dental services. I have extreme dental anxiety and was treated with understanding and given detailed explanations of my options and the work being performed. I was able to schedule an appointment on …"
    Anything O
  • "Dr.Nazr is a phenomenal doctor! He is patient, listens to your concerns, asks questions, is thorough, kind and a perfectionist. He doesn't let you leave unless everything is perfect. The staff is all very friendly, welcoming and makes you …"
    Makenzie S
  • "I cant remember the last time I took the time to write a review for anyone, but the wonderful staff at Creekside Dentistry definitely deserves some credit for the awesome work they do. I hadnt been to the dentist in almost 10 years and was …"
    Shelley M
  • "Dr. Nazr and staff are awesome. I've been going to Creekside Dentistry for two years. When I first went in I was having pain and hold / cold sensitivity. Dr. Nazr put me on an advanced cleaning routine every 3 months and provided fluoride …"
    Dustin S
  • "The staff and dentist here are fabulous! Friendly and efficient and they take my insurance! Fair prices too. Reception staff is very nice and welcome you with a smile. Dr. Nazr is wonderful and explains everything in plain English. Think I found my dentist for life...at least while I live in Folsom!"
    Allie W
  • "Dr. Nasr is an extremely kind and patient man.
    He sat down with me physically and energetically and wholeheartedly listened to all of my concerns. He spent an ample amount of time explaining every detail of my treatment plan, and even spent …"
    Nikki D
  • "Dr. Nasr and his staff are phenomenal! They continually go the extra mile to ensure you are thoroughly taken care of and answer any questions you may have. If you’re looking for an excellent dentist you can trust, along with a team that puts you first, I highly recommend Creekside Dentistry!"
    Simon H
  • "I just had a six-month deep cleaning from Ana. My teeth feel incredibly clean and my gums are reinvigorated. Ana is very personable and professional. She puts you at complete ease and makes the appointment actually enjoyable."
    Maryellen T